NJ-007-DDie UnrelentingDomain Report July ‘15

NJ-007-D Die Unrelenting (July 2015) Domain Report

Interim Domain Coordinator: (Robert C. Recckia/US2013060068) (End of Term October 2015)


Interim Domain Storyteller: (Pending)


DC and ST Staff:


(Ian DeLorey)                (US2013060019)        (aDC Web Presence)                 (50)


Cam/Anarch VST: (Pending)




Projects in Process:

Problems/Questions/Reminders for Regional:

Domain Funds:

Starting Balance:                 $0.00

Income for July ’15:                $0.00

Expenses for July ’15                $0.00

Ending Balance:                $0.00


Recommendations to National:


Recommendations to Regional:


General Prestige:

(Ian DeLorey)                (US2013060019)         (Social/Non-Game Support) (10 Hours - Maintained Website & Server. Updated and added new features.)        (30)        (7/30/15)

(Ian DeLorey)                (US2013060019)         (Non-Administrative Game Support) (Creating Website - 10 Hours - Securing server, designing website)        (30)        (7/30/15)

Domain Membership Listing: (10)

Paid Members:

(Colin Cherry)                        (US2004102244)        (MC 8)

(Andrew Coughlin)                (US2012100168)

(Ian DeLorey)                        (US2013060019)        (MC 3)

(Fay Hughes)                        (US2012070023)

(Errol Logan)                        (US2014070123)        (MC 1)

(Heather MacDonald)                (US2014010079)

(Robert Recckia)                (US2013060068)        (MC 4)

(Nathan S)                        (US2014050054)

(Sigurdur Sigurdsson)                (US2012090075)        (MC 6)

(Kristina Snyder)                (US2013020080)